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Work as an Online Tutor Comfort of your Home
We are always looking for highly skilled, dedicated professional tutors who have a passion for teaching.  Global Tutors is a fast-growing online tutoring company and one of the leading providers of online learning.  We have over 20,000 hours of experience tutoring, and employ some of the best and brightest tutors available.  If you have the skills and experience we are looking for, please apply today. You get to do what you enjoy most in the comfort and convenience of your home.

Advantages of Online Tutoring

  • Video Testimonials (3 tutor testimonials)*
  • You don’t have to leave the comfort and convenience of your home
  • Learn new software
  • Help students around the world
  • Bring in extra income
  • Work hours are flexible
Qualifications for Online Tutors
  • Minimum 3 years teaching experience
  • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree or higher in your given subject of expertise
  • You must have a computer with MS Office and a broadband connection
  • Be able to learn the computer software that is used in our online tutoring program
  • Be able to have a complete background check completed on you with no problems
  • Have teaching certification from your state
  • Be able to provide a minimum of two references from past teaching positions

Minimum Qualifications Required
We look for a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree and preferably a Master’s Degree in your subject area. We also require at least three years teaching experience. We will require at least two references from a previous teaching job, and look for candidates who have a love and passion for teaching and people who receive genuine enjoyment form helping others to learn.  We want tutors who are personable, dedicated, loyal and can devote the time and energy to the task at hand. Once we place a student with a tutor, we expect the tutor to stay with that student for the long haul.  We encourage a trusting and open relationship between the tutors and students, which will develop an enjoyable learning environment for the student.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Tutor

  • Understand the student’s academic needs and objectives
  • Develop a trusting and loyal relationship with the student
  • Read and respond to all communications from Global Tutors
  • Communicate with the student’s teacher at school
  • Be available for communication with the student’s parents
  • Be responsible for updating the parent forum on our website
  • Be available and prompt for tutoring sessions that are assigned to you
  • Provide high quality tutoring at all times using the software provided and your own skills and experience
  • Be responsible for reviewing the history of the student, and come up with a plan that will best help the student reach his/her academic goals
You will receive training in our Global Tutors software, in tutoring for a single student and also tutoring in a school based setting, where there will be more than one student.  Depending on your computer skills, this training usually takes about 3-5 hours.  All training takes place from the comfort of your home. You will also have training in curriculum development, in dealing with teachers and parents, filling in various forms for progress reports for the student.  You will be coached in keeping up with the parent forum on our website, which is where the parents go to check on the progress of their child.  Thank you for your interest in Global Tutors. We hope that we have answered most of your most frequently asked questions.  If interested in working with us as a tutor, please send your resume to and we will contact you.


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Global Tutors provided tutoring services for our students during school, after school and over the summer.  The addition of Global tutors to our program allowed students to receive necessary assistance in both Reading and Math.  Furthermore, students were able to practice their technology skills.  This option came with great success after being disappointed with Sylvan’s tutoring services.  Students enjoyed talking with their tutor, receiving assistance and finally learning objectives that were once struggling points.  As a district, we enjoyed having the ability to provide the extra assistance and our parents were very pleased with the additional learning that took place. 

Melissa Ross

I’d like to thank Global Tutors for helping my son Wade in exceeding my and his expectations in the subject of Math grade (8). Your company has really given me the confidence that additional assistance with my child’s deficiencies were not achievable.

I saw that after we joined Global Tutors, improvements were made after the second session and continued for the entire program. Not only were your tutors professional and excellent at their job, they also were very sensitive to the needs of my child. Which I think makes a huge difference.

Should I run across anyone that needs tutoring I will not hesitate to mention Global Tutors to them. Thank you very much for your help.

C. David Williams Esq.
397 Parker Street
Forrest Hill, NJ 07104