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Global Tutors is your solutions provider in education. We are currently partnering with Schools all over the country and providing thousands of hours of tutoring each year.  If you are affiliated with a Charter, Public, or Private School, you can benefit from one of our individualized programs.

By linking tutor and student from anywhere in the world at anytime, and by offering a full solution’s based program to meet and exceed any and all of your student’s educational requirements, we are “Raising the Bar for Education”.

School based Features:

Tailored Programs:
We Partner with you to supplement your efforts not replace them and by working with you we identify and help your children in any area that they may need, whether it’s meeting your state’s standards for Assessment Tests,  Enrichment Programs, or general Math and ELA curriculum, we can partner with you for the results you need.

Live Tutoring:
All of our tutoring is done by highly qualified tutors from around the world and at the convenience of your schedule.

Unique Portal System:
This feature can be given to a parent, teacher, or school administrator and allows for full access to the students progress and reports from anywhere at anytime.

Free Pre/Post Assessment Testing:
GT understands both the needs of you and your children. By offering as an extension of our services, a Free Pre and Post Assessment Test that will be given to all of your students on our program, we are able to track and demonstrate each child’s academic progress for your records.

Guaranteed Results:
We guarantee a grade level improvement results for any child that utilizes our program for a minimum of 30 sessions in any subject matter that we offer.

Pilot Program:
We offer a Free Pilot Program to all schools interested in partnering with GT. Up to 10 students of your choosing can access the program for a full 2 weeks. This will allow for you and your children to understand the impact that our program makes as well as give you a good understanding for how much your school will benefit from our partnership.

For more questions about our program Call 1 (888) 90-GETGT to speak to a representative today or email us at


When problems with timing and scheduling have occurred, customer service has been so helpful, responsive and accommodating.  Any business should take note of the personalized customer service available through Global Tutors and replicate its efficiency.  I really feel that my needs and those of my children have been heard and quickly taken care of.

Parent of Tejas and Elise

We are very pleased with the progress Lydia is making.  She has really made a lot of progress and is learning a lot.  I really like how she has become very comfortable using the web tools.  She is excited about the online class room software and thinks it is neat to use the same tools I use in my work.

Parent of Lydia

We are so happy and impressed with the way you are following up with my children’s school teachers!  Thanks and you are really doing a very good job, I don’t know how to thank you for this.  I will refer you lot of my friends.  I don’t know how I can benefit you more….Thank you again!

Parent of Manogna