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Dear Global Tutors, 

Just got an email from Mr. S – Patrick’s teacher and he got a 97 on the test.  Out of the first 7 students whose test he graded and so far Patrick has the highest grade.  Yeah!!
That was the extra session Friday night!  Many Thanks!

Parent of Patrick

Hi Global Tutors - Thanks for the email.  I really do appreciate it and I will definitely continue to advertise what great customer appreciation and follow through GT has.  Let’s proceed with the new tutor on Saturday and stick with Sunday.

Parent of Elina

Esosa’s (8th) grades have picked up to 4 A’s and 2 B’s.  We have been very pleased with your extraordinary customer service and quality of your program.  Please keep up the good work; it is making a BIG difference.  Thank you!

Parent of Esosa