Global Tutors provides parents with the tools and resources you need to help your child achieve their academic goals.

Global Tutors is unique in that we provide a current up-to-date Parent Forum and give the parents their own User ID and password so that they can go on the parent forum to follow the progress of their child. The parent forum contains session by session progress reports that are meticulously kept track of by the tutor and entered into our parent forum after each tutoring session.
In the Parent Forum, the parent simply logs on with his own unique User ID and password, and next, clicks on his/her child’s name. This is a great resource where you can view the notes from the tutor, see the academic progress of your child and raise any issues you may have with the tutor.  The parent can see every session the child has completed, the date of the session, the subject matter, and most important, comments the tutor has made about the progress that the student makes in each session. 
In the Parent Forum, there is also an email link to the tutor who is tutoring your child. You can use this link to contact the tutor with any concerns you may have about the tutoring itself, problems your child may be having, or concerns you may want to raise with the tutor. 
Global Tutors offers a special service where we have direct contact with the child’s teacher, in whatever subject or subjects you have enrolled your child in. This enables Global Tutors to better structure the sessions to line up with the student’s school standards and curriculum. This works very well for busy parents who are unable to provide us with the curriculum.  Using this feature, the teachers share information on how to access their texts, which gives us valuable information to maximize each and every session.  It is to the parent’s advantage to fill out and sign this form described below, because without this signed form, we will go by our own curriculum. Although our curriculum is nationally approved, it may not be in line with your school’s particular standards and scheduling.

For this reason, we encourage that you complete and sign This Form as soon as the tutoring sessions begin.  This way, we will have the necessary information to make each session count.

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Dear Global Tutors, 

Just got an email from Mr. S – Patrick’s teacher and he got a 97 on the test.  Out of the first 7 students whose test he graded and so far Patrick has the highest grade.  Yeah!!
That was the extra session Friday night!  Many Thanks!

Parent of Patrick

Hi Global Tutors - Thanks for the email.  I really do appreciate it and I will definitely continue to advertise what great customer appreciation and follow through GT has.  Let’s proceed with the new tutor on Saturday and stick with Sunday.

Parent of Elina