At Global Tutors, we pride ourselves on hiring some of the best and brightest minds to work for us as tutors. Not only are they highly skilled and experienced in their subject matter, but each one has that special passion and love for the profession of teaching. This enables the tutor to use his/her own special teaching skills to discover the best way to reach each student, and assure each student’s academic success.

All of our tutors here at Global Tutors are highly qualified with a minimum of three years teaching experience, at least a bachelor’s degree or higher in their given subject of expertise. Each tutor must also be computer savvy and able to learn the computer software that is used in our online tutoring program. It is mandatory for all of our tutors to complete a thorough background check before we will hire them, and they must have a current teaching certificate from the state where they live.

We require at least two references from a previous teaching job, and we look for candidates who have a love and passion for teaching and who receive genuine enjoyment from helping others to learn.  We want tutors who are personable, dedicated and loyal, who can and will devote the time and energy to the task at hand. Once we place a student with a tutor, we expect the tutor to stay with that student for the long haul.  We encourage a trusting and open relationship between the tutors and students, which we believe is the foundation for an environment where true learning can take place.

We ask that our tutors be responsible for understanding the student’s academic needs and objectives and have the willingness to develop a trusting and loyal relationship with the student in order to have input in the development of an academic plan for each student based on this relationship. We ask our tutors to take the time on a daily basis to read and respond to all communications from Global Tutors.  Providing feedback and progress reports to the Program Director  is also a responsibility of this position. The tutor must be available to communicate via the Program Director with the child’s parents and be responsible for updating the Parent Forum on our website after each session. Most importantly it is the tutors main responsibility to provide high quality tutoring at all times using the software provided and his or her own skills and experience to each and every student..

Each of our tutors receives training in our Global Tutors software as well as training for individual one on one tutoring and training for tutoring in a school based setting, where there will be more than one student.  This is rigorous computer training that all of our tutors must complete before they will actually start tutoring.  They also receive training in curriculum development, and filling out various forms.  The tutors are coached in keeping up with the Parent Forum on our website, which is where the parents go to check on the progress of their child.  To maintain our standards excellence, all tutoring sessions are recorded and checked by our Program and Academic Directors on a regular basis as a means of improvement as well as on going training. You can be completely assured that any tutor who works with your child is professional, devoted and qualified to raise your child’s grades in any given subject. In addition to the intensive training they must complete to become a Global Tutors educator, they undergo periodic training on Global Tutors curriculum development and teaching methods.

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Manogna made 68 on her Central America Test. This is the best she has done on a test this year. She also was able to give correct answers when we reviewed the test, something she hadn’t done before. Hopefully she will continue to progress with your help.

Alan Enns, 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Thank you, the tutoring has helped a lot!!!!!!!!!!!

Manogna allala

Dear Global Tutors,

Patrick did very well on his open book/partner quiz.  He earned a 99A!  Thank you for all the help your tutors provided to help him.  The next test will not be for awhile.

Neil Shechtman
Patrick’s Math Teacher