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Our Mission here at Global Tutors is to raise the Bar for Education world wide by deploying highly qualified Global instructors to provide a high quality and effective online and live tutoring service to clients anywhere, anytime throughout the Globe using state of the art and optimum web technology.
Global Tutors is a total solution provider not only to schools and other institutions but also to other service providers that are looking for additional resources or need support. Global Tutors specializes in creating a dedicated team of professionals to a certain client and integrates them into the client system as an extension of their workforce without all the hassle of any payroll cost, management and training. Global Tutors can offer a back-end solution or a front end solution either in partnership with the service provider or as an outsourced provider. This is perfect to existing providers who lack an online portal and adequate staff on a 24/7 basis.

For individual clients, Global Tutors provides live and on line tutoring service that is simple, flexible, reliable and affordable.  We bring high quality tutoring to anyone at anytime, worldwide, in the comfort of his or her own home.  We pay close attention to placing each student with a qualified tutor who is an expert in his or her field, and matching up tutor and student for maximum benefit.
Because Global Tutors is in close touch with schools, teachers, professors and other active participants in the academic world we are able to create an individual plan for each client to specifically suit that client’s needs, whether it is a school or an individual.  We spend time and give much attention in developing a customized curriculum that will bring each student to a higher level of scholastic achievement based on his/her specific and individual needs.  We, at Global Tutors, aim to become a resource that every student, regardless of where they are academically, can and will use throughout the schooling years.
Global Tutors will offer these services quickly and affordably, whether you are a school or an individual reaching for academic excellence.

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Karthik has mastered quite a few concepts in math since the past few weeks.  I am very impressed with the instructor.  I initially had some doubts about the on line training thing but it has turned out to be perfect.  The sound is clear and Kartik has been following it thoroughly.  I have started recommending to as many as possible…….

Many Thanks!

Parent of Karthik

When problems with timing and scheduling have occurred, customer service has been so helpful, responsive and accommodating.  Any business should take note of the personalized customer service available through Global Tutors and replicate its efficiency.  I really feel that my needs and those of my children have been heard and quickly taken care of.

Parent of Tejas and Elise

We are very pleased with the progress Lydia is making.  She has really made a lot of progress and is learning a lot.  I really like how she has become very comfortable using the web tools.  She is excited about the online class room software and thinks it is neat to use the same tools I use in my work.

Parent of Lydia