Why Global Tutors Works
What makes a student succeed is our individualized one to one approach to each and every child.  Online tutoring is an interactive way for the student to get tutored at his/her convenience. It requires you to have a PC/Laptop connected to the internet. A headset with microphone and earphones to enable you to speak and be heard by your tutor.

Global Tutors Skills Assessment Tests
Initially, after registration, when the student logs in for the first time, the assessment test in the subject he is registered for will automatically be in place for him to take.  In order to cater to the highly gifted students, a higher level assessment test is automatically provided if the student scores more than 80%.  This is done so that Global Tutors can assess accurately at what level the student needs to begin his tutoring.  The results of this initial assessment test are sent to the Academic Director, Program Director and assigned tutor for evaluation and review. Informal assessment tests and quizzes are given throughout the course of tutoring, so that Global Tutors can monitor the progress that the child is making. There are also practice tests and worksheets, which are all made available to the student to continue the learning process even when the child is not in a tutoring session.

The Online Classroom
Online tutoring is an interactive way to get tutored at your convenience. It requires you to have a PC/Laptop connected to the internet. A headset with microphone and earphones will enable you to speak and be heard by your tutor. After registration, the student will receive via email a User ID and Password. With this, he/she can go online and take assessment tests in the subjects of interest, after which you will begin your first tutoring session. Logging on is easy and convenient, using the ID and password given on the registration form.

We also have homework help, which simply involves selecting “homework help” after you log on. From there, you will follow instructions to upload your homework, and have a response within about 2 hours.  Our policy is that the tutor never does the homework for the student, but will give guidance and help.

Highly Trained Certified Tutors
Tutors who join Global Tutors are highly qualified. They make sure that each child grows and succeeds in the subjects chosen. The majority of our tutors possess at least a Masters degree in their respective subjects. The selection process is very rigorous and only those who fully measure up to the stringent standards set by Global Tutors are called upon to shoulder the responsibilities of online tutoring.  In addition, we run a very thorough background check on all tutors who come to work for us.  Our pool of U.S. and international tutors are the best and the brightest; coming to us as active high school and college teachers, retired teachers, most with several years experience and a sincere desire to help students to learn.

Our Science faculty members feature University gold medalists in the relevant subject areas.

Our tutors for competitive exams like GRE, GMAT, SAT, PSAT,  are experienced teachers who have helped their students achieve top scores in these exams.

The common binding thread, however, is that they are all experienced teachers who have the ability to make the topics come alive for their students, kindle their interest and inspire them to excel in the subject. This is achieved through continuous training and by keeping our tutors updated with the latest academic information. They are intrinsically motivated teachers with a love for their subject and for sharing the secrets and beauty of both the subject and the learning of the subject.

Individual Attention
What makes it possible for each child to succeed academically is our individual attention to each child and our carefully designed program which caters to the strengths and weaknesses of the individual.   Once we place a child with a tutor, a relationship develops where the tutor can learn what works best with his/her student and the tutor can adjust his tutoring style to best suit the student; helping the student to build confidence, stay motivated and succeed!

Progress Reports
An initial assessment test is given to the student, which determines at what level the tutoring will begin. Throughout the course of tutoring, interim monthly progress reports are posted on the student’s profile, and monitored by our Academic Director on a regular basis. These are made available to the parents upon request. In addition, after every session the tutors will give a short quiz to the student on the topic covered during the session and will document this so the parent can log in with their user ID and password, and go into the Parent Forum on the website. There the parent will find documented each and every tutoring session their child has taken, the tutor involved, and detailed comments from the tutor about the session and the student.  These ongoing progress reports can help determine the progress that is being made, where there are weak points, where the strengths are, so that the tutoring can be adjusted at any given time in order for the student to get the most out of each and every tutoring session.

Convenient for you and your family
We understand what a busy life you lead, and this is why Global Tutors is the perfect solution for families like yours.  We bring the highest quality tutoring to the convenience and comfort of your home. No more driving to and from tutoring sessions. Everything takes place at your home, with a couple of easy keystrokes.  We strive to be reliable, flexible and affordable to everyone, and are certain that our tutors can meet your family’s needs.

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Esosa’s (8th) grades have picked up to 4 A’s and 2 B’s.  We have been very pleased with your extraordinary customer service and quality of your program.  Please keep up the good work; it is making a BIG difference.  Thank you!

Parent of Esosa

Thank you for your kind words about my son Michael.  He really is enjoying his sessions and looks forward to working with his tutor, Thomas.  I have seen an improvement in his attitude and confidence towards Algebra and math in general.  In response to your request for feedback I am pleased to write that I am extremely happy with your services.  It is outstanding in flexibility and cooperation!  It has been so easy to work with you.  Michael has been so happy too.  He wants to continue on with Thomas and has offered to pay for it himself!  I am impressed!

Parent of Michael

I would like to thank Global Tutors for helping my son Wade in exceeding mine and his expectations in the subject of Math (8th grade).  Your company has given me the confidence that with additional assistance my childs deficiencies are being overcome and improvement was made after the second session and has continued through the entire program.  Not only were the tutors professional and excellent at their job but they also were very sensitive to the needs of my child.  Should I run across anyone that needs tutoring I will not hesitate to mention Global Tutors to them.  Thank you very much for your help

Parent of Wade