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Global Tutors has designed special courses spanning 30 sessions to cater to the needs of students of Florida who are preparing for taking the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT). The FCAT is administered to students in Grades 3-11. It includes tests in mathematics, reading, science, and writing, aimed at measuring student progress toward meeting the Sunshine State Standards (SSS) benchmarks.

Global Tutors focuses on filling the gaps in the student’s preparation for FCAT. In order to accomplish this goal, an assessment test is carried out at the beginning which encompasses the various concepts that are identified in the benchmarks and provides a reference to the tutors for planning the lesson plans for the individual lessons. Global Tutors also conducts a review test midway through the course (typically at the end of the first 10 sessions) and applies any midcourse corrections that may be called for, to the instruction plan. Samples of these assessment tests in Mathematics for the various grades can be found on the Global Tutors website. These tests are periodically updated using the information from the average student performance

Global Tutors creates individual lesson plans for each of the 30 lessons planned for the different grades. These lesson plans are created by experts in the specific area being taught and contain material ready to be used by the instructor while tutoring. The sessions are interactive and the student is encouraged to participate by asking questions and solving problems under the watchful eye of the tutor. You can view typical lesson plans in Mathematics for the various grades.

The instruction is closely linked to the benchmarks established by the Florida Department of Education for the Sunshine State Standards. Each lesson is clearly focused and addresses specific benchmarks as is evident from the curriculum tables which can be viewed on the website.

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 I needed a general Science tutor and Global Tutors find on for me.   I can now get focused on Biology tutoring that helps me on exactly what I’m struggling with in class.  And I don’t even have to leave my house after I get home from school. I just get on my computer and meet my online Biology tutor all through my own PC.

Biology tutoring with Global Tutors made my Biology class any easier, and now I can follow my teacher’s lecture much better now that I have a great Biology tutor to help me keep all the concepts, theories and biologists straight.  I’ve told my friends about Global Tutors, and now they have online tutors too–I don’t know how students ever survived without Global Tutors

Thanks for all your help