The ACT is a standardized college entrance examination that measures knowledge and skills in English, mathematics, reading, and science reasoning and the application of these skills to future academic tasks. The ACT consists of four multiple-choice tests, covering English, math, reading, and science reasoning. You can choose either one or all the subjects in the ACT preparation.

The ACT English Test consists of five passages of nonfiction prose. Each passage contains 15 questions about how it is written. Some questions ask you to choose the selection that best rephrases an underlined portion of the passage, and others ask about the passage’s overall organization.

The ACT Reading Test includes four passages; one is a fictional narrative, and the others are nonfiction discussions of topics from the natural sciences, social science, and the humanities. A group of questions designed to test how well you understood each subject follows each passage.

The ACT Science Test includes seven sets of science information. The information can be presented in the form of graphs, tables, charts, or diagrams; descriptions of experimental studies and their results; and presentations of differing theories or hypotheses about a particular scientific question. Each passage is followed by several questions that require you to understand and interpret the information presented.

The ACT writing Test consists of one essay question. The question defines an issue and presents two points of view on that issue. In your essay, you must declare your position and support your opinion with reasons and details. You may choose one of the perspectives presented in the prompt or present a new perspective of your own. You will be graded on your ability to express a position; maintain focus; develop your position and support your ideas; organize your ideas logically; and use language clearly and effectively. ACT has added a 30-minute Writing Test as an optional component to the ACT for students who are applying to college for Fall 2006 or later.

The ACT Mathematics Test is designed to test your knowledge of the basic facts and skills taught in most high school math programs. The test utilizes various problem types, including some word problems, problems that involve reading and interpreting graphs and charts, geometry problems, trigonometry problems, and a few straightforward arithmetic and algebra problems.

Test Structure


Sections Question Type Number of Questions Time Allotted
English   75 multiple choice 45 minutes
  Usage & Mechanics 40  
  Rhetorical Skills 35  
Mathematics   60 multiple choice 60 minutes
  Arithmetic 14  
  Elementary Algebra 10  
  Intermediate Algebra 9  
  Coordinate Geometry 9  
  Plane Geometry 14  
  Trigonometry 4  
Reading   40 multiple choice 35 minutes
  Prose Fiction 10  
  Humanities 10  
  Social Studies 10  
  Natural Sciences 10  
Science   40 multiple choice  
  Data Representation 15  
  Research Summary 18  
  Conflicting Viewpoint 7  
Writing (optional)   1 Essay
30 minutes

Topics Covered

The SAT Math sections include multiple-choice questions and  grid-in questions, which require the student to
generate a response. Topics include Numbers and Operations; Algebra II Functions and Graphs, Geometry (polygons, solid and circles)  Measurement, Statistics, Probability, Problem solving, Data analysis and Review.

The SAT Critical Reading sections include reading comprehension questions about full-length and paragraph-length passages. They also include sentence completions.
The SAT Writing sections include multiple-choice questions on grammar, usage, word choice, and organization. The essay section asks you to respond to a prompt by developing a point of view supported by clear, well-organized ideas based on your experience and observations.

It takes about 40 sessions to complete the entire SAT course. Our normal rates are $18 per hour. We would schedule the days and the times most convenient to you. Assessment tests are conducted at the beginning and end of the course as well as a progress review test every 4 weeks.

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